buon giorno! 

I have no idea when you will receive this!  I have tried and tried to find Internet to share as much as possible.  To put things into perspective…..last nights hotel still uses rotary phones in several of our rooms.  Internet available but……

I wish you could hear what I’m hearing right now.  I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I heard this beautiful sound.  Our gentlemen singing Adoramus Te down below on the tree lined street.  Gorgeous!!!!  This hotel is so charming.  Again we are talking 3 star, but quaint, little box showers or tubs with handles, green shutters on the outside windows, windows that can actually open and want to be opened, all the food groups represented at breakfast, blood orange juice – delicious!  

Getting ready to head to Florence, concert attire in hand.  Performance tonight at 9:15 pm at the monestery. 

Today we will be taken on a walking tour that ends by seeing the David! OH MY GOSH!  I must confess the last time in Florence, I chose to stay and shop and have cappuccino than to see the David. How shallow of me!!!!!! 

Must run. Buses here.  Later! 

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  1. PLEASE SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KEVIN FOR ME! He turns 17 on the 17th!!!