Left Montecatini and heading to Rome 

buona Sera from the bus! 

It is 5:41pm and I honestly have to think really hard to remember what we have done all day.  

What a fun day. Headed to beautiful Tuscany today to have our bike adventure.  What a gorgeous day with perfect weather. Can you just picture beautiful country roads, cypress trees dotting the golden and green landscape and then a roadside rest with 109 really nice hybrid bikes and helmets sitting and waiting for us.  Kids were so excited.  Adults….well, lots of them were!  Rode through the countryside and then double backed to a sweet little village town for our lunch.  Picture a small park with a big shade tree in the middle with a 100 blue shirted bikers eating their bag lunch!  TWO baguette sandwiches, Orange fanta, bottle water and a cookie.  We snarfed those right down!  Rode back to our departure site and back on the bus.  We made a variation to the itinerary and went to the charming hill town of Pienza.  We were all pretty much done with crowds and tourists and Florence!  Went the charming, peaceful route today.  Side note: Gartner family visited this beautiful hill top town for lunch back in 2008.  Always knew I wanted a repeat visit.  Today I was walking with one of the chaperones and told him that it really is fun to travel but it is REALLY fun to share travel with others.  We went straight to the town square and sang four songs.  You ought to see how fast we attract crowds!  Sang Cantate Domino, Down in the River, Blue Skies and Ride the Chariot.  They loved us!  Truly. We could have performed our whole a Cappella program but they only had 45 minutes after we scattered.  And scatter they did!  They have new chaperones so not only are they getting to know new adults they are doing their best to discover a NEW town. I saw purchases of gelato, purses, ornaments, dresses, pici noodles, belts and gelato!  Yes, one young man purchased TWO in 45 minutes!!!!!!!  If you ever get to Tuscany, put Pienza on your list. Beautiful. 

On the bus and once again it is pretty quiet.   Headed to Rome!  The Vatican is tomorrow!  OH MY,  

Need to close my eyes while it is quiet.  More later