its 11:45pm. Wake up,call at 5:30, leaving hotel at 6:30. 

What a trip! So many stories. So many laughs. So many memories.  

Above all… many great people now added to the SCSS family. 

We will be home soon.  Prayers for safe travel and for Mr. Harris to not get lost!  :) 

Good night from Roma! 




  1. Can’t believe tour is about over. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. God Bless and safe journey home. We will be there to welcome you all back!

  2. So sad that my favorite reading material comes to an end. I’ve so enjoyed following your great adventure. Can’t wait for Cam to get home to grill him on all his impressions, adventures and delights. Maybe he’ll want to return sometime with his Nana….Hah! Thank you for making it all possible.